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My Small Store Designer brands at low cost

Hunting for a designer handbag for my lovely wife, something like Versace Jeans, Carrera Jeans or Love Moschino I couldn’t find anything with no huge asking price $400, $600 or perhaps a lower another within my budget but shipping from abroad with huge shipping fees and high risk not showing up.

I contacted the manufacturers and became an official reseller of those brands to understand that lots of stores are just exceeding expectations. As an example, a Versace Jeans handbag I promote for $134 free postage, other stores have zero problem to sell the exact same designer handbag Versace Jeans for $235.99 for sale but plus $15 shipping!

Same thing with a lot of other brands like Love Moschino, Carrera Jeans or perhaps Fontana 2.0. Then these stores create a 30% discount, well that’s still over $30 over my price which include shipping.

Oh, I see it a designer product, so you should pay the value but that’s not fair. You deserve an affection Moschino and you also shouldn’t ought to fatten a local store because of it.

Next, it became fun to hunt down manufacturer like Geographical Norway and negotiate pricing.

I enjoy certified organic products thus went on the way of representing small brands that assist them sell their terrific goods like MacSuds, Boomer for guys yet others like Mommy Makeup. Both first make natural and organic products that work well just like the calendula soap which can be ideal for eczema with no side-effect from the chemical-based soaps or cream.

Something I love to do is negotiating for our customers benefits the other side from the clients are tough to manage. Storage, packing and shipping. Make a storage with north of the billion dollar of designer products like Versace, Moschino, Fontana and Geographical Norway. Yes, the storage should be high security, costing the big bucks.

How do you get it done? As an example, I purchase stock from Carrera Jeans and enquire of the crooks to hold it within the factory in Italy for me personally and ship it one at a time to my customers. The huge benefits are huge, stock is replenished quickly, a day after I order new Carrera shoes, you don't need to shipped to my warehouse then to my customers, this protects time and cash. Applications secured storage, there is no need for… net profit it saves us some $35 per Love Moschino sneakers, saving our customers much more money.

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